Ro-Len Lake Gardens

714 SW 11th Ave, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Community 55 years+




Ro-Len Lake Gardens  is a Cooperative housing for adults over 55 years of age, govern by THE COOPERATIVE ACT, Chapter 719, Florida Satutes, and has completed the 40 Year Condo Maintenance in 2016 required by Florida law.


There are 18 buildings featuring one-level, one or two bedrooms.  12 of the buildings hold 20 apartments while the other six hold 24.  11 of the buildings surround a gorgeous lake which sets off a wonderful breeze with a lighted fountain in the evenings.


We have six screened porches.  Lots of greenery, flowers, shrubs decorate the site.  Located three miles from the beautiful beaches of South Florida, not far from Interstate 95, Ro-Len Lake Gardens is the perfect place to spend a quiet retreat in our little paradise.



Ro-Len Lake Gardens 714 SW 11th Ave, Hallandale Beach Florida 33009 Tel.: 954 458 2441 • Fax: 954 458 0020 • info@rolenlake.com
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