These rules and regulations are promulgated for the use and benefit of the members of RO-LEN LAKE GARDENS CORPORATIONS. All members SHALL ABIDE BY THESE RULES and cause members of their families residing with them, and their guests, to abide by them. The term “MEMBERS”, as used herein, shall include residents and guests of residents or members, whenever applicable.


 1.1  No signs of any nature whatsoever shall be posted within Ro-Len Lake Gardens or within the Apartment Buildings, except of a name plate may be placed upon a member’s entrance apartment door.

1.2  No business or profession shall be solicited or practiced within any apartment.  No door to door collections or solicitations of any kind by or for outside organizations will be permitted.

1.3 1  No member or occupant of an apartment shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the apartment or building at any time, nor do or permit anything to be done therein which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of neighbors or other occupants of the building.

1.3.2  No member shall play upon or permit to be played upon, any musical instrument, or to operate any radio, T.V., stereo or loud speaker or engage in or permit loud talking in such member’s apartment at any time, particularly in the bedrooms, between the hours of 11:00PM and the following 9:00AM.  In no event shall either vocal or instrumental music be practiced for more than two (2) hours a day, or between the hours of 11:00PM and the following 9:00AM.

1.4  Members and /or occupants will not permit or tolerate unsightly displays or accumulations and will promptly remove them.

1.5  Members  and /or occupants will not block or clutter common walkways with any objects whatsoever of any kind or description.  Folding chairs should be placed against the wall of the apartment when not in use.

1.6  Drying of bathing suits, towels, laundry, bedding or encumbrances of any kind, including brooms, mops, pails drying racks, etc., will not be permitted on the front or back walks and balconies at any time.

1.7  Members and/or occupants will not destroy, deface or otherwise mark the exterior of any building within RO-LEN LAKE GARDENS.

1.8.1  Members and/or occupants will park motor vehicles only at their own designated parking place within the lines.  No one is permitted to use another apartment owners parking place, even if the latter has no car, without the permission of such apartment owner.

1.8.2  No camper or trailer or truck of any kind will be permitted to park overnight within the property of Ro-Len Lake Gardens.

Replace the paragraph 1.8.2 to read:  Amendment made November 12, 2007.”Each apartment is associated with one parking.  One apartment, one parking.  Vehicles cannot exceed 19 feet long by 6 feet wide.  It is not permitted to sleep in a vehicle at any time.  Members must make their own arrangements to store any additional mobile unit (bicycles, trailers, motorcycles, etc)  This applies to all over of Ro-Len Lake Gardens, including behind the F building”.

1.9  All personal work shall be done in the rear of the building and the area used shall be cleaned up upon the completion of the work by the person doing the work or his agent.

1.10.1  City of Hallandale Ordinance requires that all garbage be placed in plastic bags, securely fastened.

1.10.2  Failure to comply will result in the apartment owner receiving a summons from the City of Hallandale.

1.10.3  Garbage shall be placed in the garbage dumpster between hours of 9:00AM and 11:00PM.  All persons disposing of garbage are to walk on the outer cement walkways at all times.

1.10.4 No garbage is to be placed in the containers in the Laundry Room.  Newspapers are to be neatly placed in the designated containers. 


1.11  There shall be no deviation of the uniform planting and landscaping, without the approval of Management.

1.12  All persons are requested to use the outer walkways, front and back, of the Apartment Buildings at all times.  Walking on the inner walkways adjacent to the building walls, except to reach stairways is prohibited.  The outer cement walkways in the back are to be used only between the hours of 9:00AM and 11:00PM.  No loud talking please, when using walkways around lake.


1.13  Laundry rooms are to be used between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  Use the laundry facilities in your own building.  Follow instructions printed on washers and dryers. Clothes should be removed immediately after washing cycle or drying period is completed. Be sure to clean all filters. Turn off lights. Leave laundry room in clean condition including appliances and the floor.

1.14  No feeding of ducks or fish is permitted within Ro-Len Lakes Gardens at any time.

1.15  Shareholders will not place a satellite dish on a building, on the grounds or in any common area. 



2.1.1 The use of the Pool and Lake facilities is at the personal risk and liability of the individual person using same.

2.1.2  Owners/Guest tags must be worn at all times, where they can be seen, while using the pool.


2.2.1  Pool hours are 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Children under 14 using the pool must be  supervised by an adult at all times.

2.2.2  No float or tube can be used except by physically handicapped persons.

2.2.3  Residents and guests using the pool are required by State Law to use the shower and to use the toilet facilities prior to entering the pool.

2.2.4  The hot water in the showers must not be used excessively.

2.2.5  Showers are to be used by bathers prior to going into pool and after lake bathing.  No shampooing of hair is allowed at any time in the shower rooms.

2.2.6  Children in diapers or not toilet trained are not permitted in the pool.


2.3.1  No food shall be carried onto or consumed at the pool or lake area, except for special events.  No glasses or breakable items such as breakable suntan lotion containers, nor soft drink and/or other like items may be brought on to the pool or lake areas.

2.3.2  No refuse of any nature shall be thrown or deposited in the lake or pool.

2.3.3  No one shall use suntan oil or similar lotions until after they have come out of the pool.  Once suntan oil or similar lotions have been applied, it is forbidden to re-enter the pool unless thoroughly showered to remove same.  A large sized towel must be placed upon a lounge chair before sitting or lying down.

2.3.4  Lounge chairs may be used between 9:00AM and 10:00PM.

2.3.5  Members are fully responsible for all equipment utilized in the recreational areas.

2.3.6  Lounge chairs are not to be reserved for people who are coming to the pool area later on.


2.4.1  The lake may be used only during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to sunset.

Add the following note after the paragraph 2.4.1 ”Swimming at your own risk”. Amendment made November 12, 2007 


No swimming in the lake off boats at any time will be permitted.

2.4.2  No fishing of any nature whatsoever will be allowed from the pool area, docks or recreation pavilion or from boats close to shore.


2.4.3  No more than two (2) persons at any time, one of whom must be an adult, shall occupy a single community boat (pedal-boat) upon the lake.

2.4.4  No community boat shall be taken upon the lake unless at least one occupant is a qualified swimmer.  All users must wear life preservers at all times.  No motor boat will be permitted on the lake.

2.4.5  No boating or swimming within 20 feet from fountain except for authorized maintenance.

2.4.6  In season, the use of boats will be limited to one hour.


2.5.1  Shuffleboard, Petanque and Bocci courts may be used from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Players must return all equipment to storage units after completion of games.

2.5.2  Children using courts must be accompanied and supervised by an ADULT.


2.6.1  ONLY OWNERS MAY APPLY FOR VISITORS TAGS. Visitors must wear black tags where visible when using recreational facilities.

Remove the paragraph 2.6.2  Amendment made November 12, 2007. 2.6.2  A fee of $2.00 will be required for each tag, good for a maximum period of two (2) weeks.  $1.00 of this will be refunded if the tag is returned within 24 hours.


Remove paragraph  2.6.3   Amendment made November 12, 2007.2.6.3  An additional fee of $2.00 must be paid for each renewal, good for a maximum period of two (2) weeks.  A penalty charge of $2.00 will be due for any tag not returned by due date.

2.6.4  A fee of $2.00 will be charged for replacement of a lost tag, or a re-issue of a forfeited tag, taken because of improper use. If a lost tag is subsequently found, the $2.00 replacement fee will be refunded.

2.6.5  The Security Committee reserves the right to remove all tags taken from visitors who do not comply with these rules.

2.7  Children under 14 years of age shall not use the private recreation facilities unless accompanied and closely supervised by an adult at all times.  Children are not permitted to play in the card rooms.  Children under 16 not allowed to play pool.

2.8  Boisterous or unruly behavior of adults and children alike will not be tolerated throughout the community.

2.9  Shoes or sandals and shirts must be worn at all times inside the recreational building.  Proper attire must be worn when attending shows or special events in the auditorium.

2.10  Card playing in the auditorium or card room is restricted to apartment owners and guests.

2.11  No signs of any kind may be placed upon the Bulletin Board without permission from the House-Rules Chairperson or Co-Chairperson.

2.12  There shall be no loitering around the pool and recreation area after 11:00p.m.

2.13  Destruction of Ro-Len Property, abusive or disorderly conduct, or use of profane or obscene language can result in forfeiture of all privileges.

2.14  Shareholders are held responsible for any damages due to the carelessness of their guests, or caused by their guests.

2.15  A volunteer group called “POOL SECURITY GUARDS” is authorized by the House Rules Committee, to enforce these House Rules, as agents for the House Rules Committee.  Owners are required to fully cooperate with the Pool Security Guards regarding all matters relating to these rules and usage of the Private recreational facilities.


2.16  These revised rules cancel all previous House Rules.

2.17  Issued on behalf of the House Rules Committee.

Réal Perrier, Chairperson

Yolanda Bruscino, Co-chairperson

Reviewed and updated, January 2006 | English version is official.  Amendments to House Rules

(Members must keep their House Rules booklet up to date) Green Booklet is already in your possession.  Additional copies are available at the Office for $15.00.

The following three changes have been adopted at the House Rules Meeting held on November 12, 2007.  Please include them in their House Rules booklet.

Amendment # | Date | Title/Paragraph

Part 1)  1.8.2 | November 12, 2007 | Parking Replace the paragraph 1.8.2 to read:  

“Each apartment is associated with one parking.  One apartement, one parking.  Vehicles cannot exceed 19 feet long by 6 feet wide.  It is not permitted to sleep in a vehicle at an time.  Members must make their own arrangements to store any additional mobile unit (bicycles, trailers, motorcycle, etc.)  This applies to all over of R-Len Lake Gardens, including behind the F building.”

Part 2)  2.4.1 | November 12, 2007 | LakeAdd the following note after the paragraph 2.4.1:

“Swimming at our own risk”.

Part 3)  2.6.2 | November 12, 2007 | TagsRemove the paragraph 2.6.2, so there will be no charge at the pool for your visitors.  The first sentence of the paragraph 2.6.3 must also be removed.